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Preston Innovations Space Station Box System and Space Shuttle Trolley

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Preston Space Station Compact     SPST 15B

RRP 349.99       OUR PRICE 314.99

The Space Station Compact has been developed to offer all the benefits of other Space Stations but with a more compact frame system to make transportation easier. It also features a removable foot plate which is adjustable on the leg system to allow the angler to adjust the footplate to suit their most comfortable fishing position.

The Compact comes with a two compartment unit fixed to the frame a deep drawer and a deep sliding compartment which fits under the frame, it also has a covered footplate which provides a stable fishing platform.


Cheshire Fishing mail order hotline:      01829 770041
Preston Innovations Space Saver Space Station Blitz Package  SPSA 01B

 - includes a second free accessory block



 OUR PRICE 179.99

The new Space Saver Space Station is a solid, reliable addition to the Space Station range that has a small footprint making it easy to transport.

Supplied without a footplate, the Space Saver has integral adjustable legs that move within the hollow frame.

OffBox accessories can be attached thanks to a unique bracket that attached to the frame.

A 90mm Base Unit is attached to the base of the frame on runners, with the new side locking catch design.

On top of the frame is a 2 Compartment Add-on unit and the Preston OnBox pole seat. 

Cheshire Fishing Blitz Space Saver package: 

includes a second free accessory block

When it's gone, it's gone!!!!

Cheshire Fishing mail order hotline:      01829 770041

Preston Space Station Shuttle Mk II


RRP 99.99   OUR PRICE  89.99




Now with extra converter bar  to take any of the Preston X Box Series!!!!


The Preston Space Station Shuttle is a specially designed barrow-style tackle transporter, that has been developed to carry the Preston Space Station, X Boxes and other seat boxes using the additional converter bar (supplied).

The design also provides a large luggage loading area for carryalls and an additional removable Utility Bag between the handles for clothing, pole rollers etc.  

In addition, the Shuttle handle bar system incorporates a foam covered cross bar that can be used to support rod holdalls.

Once the Shuttle is loaded, its design enables the angler to transport a complete set of tackle, whilst enjoying vastly reduced lifting and pushing loads compared to traditional seat box trolleys. This has been achieved by positioning the wheels directly beneath the heaviest part of the loaded shuttle, giving optimum balance.


The Shuttle can be quickly assembled and dismantled to fit comfortably inside most car boots.


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