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Hardy Sirrus Fly Rod

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The Sirrus represents entry-level brilliance in a fishing rod, but that doesn’t reflect a jot on the performance or the faultless finish of the range. The Sirrus is a very sweet rod.


It’s lightweight and lively; it’s crisp, comfortable and becomes everyone’s favourite rod.  All the rod’s devotees talk about its balance, its casting abilities, its speed on the strike and its overall sensitivity.


They also say how many times its forgiving nature saves a wayward cast and how great a rod it is to play a fish on. That’s because it has real ‘feel’, a quality true fishermen recognise and appreciate.


The Sirrus is remarkable for two things: its price and its all-round ‘fishability’ – another term anglers respond to. The Sirrus really can improve an angler’s performance and control, at a cost that’s easily worth paying.



Model Product Code Length (ft) Length (m) Rating Sections Weight (oz) Weight (g) Handle Price OUR PRICE
Sirrus Rod HRAQ080 10' 3.05 #7 3 3 7/8 110 FW+EH £289.00 £215.99
Sirrus DH Rod HRAQ110 13' 3.35 #9 4 9 225 TPS £549.00 £410.99

Handle Abbreviations
RHW = Reversed Half Wells
FW + EH = Full Wells with Extension Handle
TPS = Two Piece - Shape
CIGAR = Classic Cigar Shape

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