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  Black Magic Pro 9.5m     First Choice 800 8m

Slimstar 1100 11m     Sniper Pro Carp 1300 13m

Browning Black Magic  Pro 9.50m  Pole  C67920

OUR PRICE 125.99  

As you would expect from something bearing the famous Black Magic name, this pole is strong enough for just about every fishing situation.

Despite its strength, the Black Magic Pro is still amazingly light when compared to other poles in this price range so it's also an excellent all-rounder for general pole fishing. 

Using a special carbon mix, the Pro is also very tough and robust.

  • Length: 9.50m

  • Sections: 7

  • Travel Length: 1.73m

  • Weight: 750g

  • Elastic Rating: 20


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Browning Slimstar  1100 11m Margin Pole  1890 - 111

OUR PRICE 249.99  

Over many years, the Black Magic name has been synonymous with incredibly strong poles that other makers have never been able to match. 

This continues with the new Black Magic Slimstar. 

This slim diameter pole is an absolute joy to use, particularly for anglers who dislike or find modern "fat" poles difficult to handle. 

The pole is ready to use with pre-bushed top kits that do not need cutting back and is supplied with one of our innovative Pole Protector sections as used on our top-end poles. 

Is the Slimstar strong?  - What would you expect from a pole carrying the Black Magic name ! 

  • Length: 11m

  • Sections: 8

  • Travel Length: 1.73m

  • Weight: 876g

  • 0.5m Extension

  • 3 x Elastication Kits

  • Pole holdall


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Browning Sniper pro Carp 1300 13m Margin Pole  1630 - 999

RRP 399.99   OUR PRICE 349.99

The Sniper Pole series builds on the success of the famous Xitan "Z" Poles including many of the Xitans' advanced design features but at very competitive prices. 

The Sniper Poles are light and, more importantly, have excellent balance which eliminates the top-heavy feel found on many lower cost poles. The poles have been purpose designed at these lengths and are not produced by simply adding or removing sections from other models.

The Snipers are strong and durable making them truly "multipurpose" poles. They are suitable for all forms of fishing - lakes, rivers or commercial fisheries; hard fighting Carp and Barbel, big Bream to small Roach; match fishing or just a nice day at the waterside . . . . the Snipers will do it all!

The Sniper "Pro" model has been built using a higher modulus carbon cloth which has reduced the weight of the pole even further, while retaining its strength. It has been included for anglers prepared to spend just a little more for a lighter version of the pole.

The Snipers are top-kit compatible with the Xitan range so the Xitan Power Kits, Power Match Kits and the unique Tension Pulla kits are fully interchangeable with both poles.


  • Elastic: #20

  • Hi modulus nano carbon

  • Top 3 in pole #12

  • Supplied with 3 x spare top 2 power kits

  • Length: 13m

  • Sections: 9

  • Travel Length: 1.73m

  • Weight: 1146g

  • Includes Mini Extension, 3 Top Kits, Pole Cup set and Bung Set


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Browning First Choice 800 8m Pole 1173800

RRP 39.99   OUR PRICE 29.99

Great for new beginners to the sport.
  • Elastic Rating: 16 - 02.1mm

  • Length: 8m

  • Sections: 6


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